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AMG Careers


One of the most important aspects of our business is attracting and retaining quality people. We understand and realize that for all our successes it begins with our employees. We hope to find and work with people that are not only great at what they do but also want to treat others right, with respect, and in general try to be a good person as we walk through this thing we call life. We strive as a company and family to always be thinking of better ways to take care of our people, whether it be company outings or our 4 day work weeks for our senior managers, we want to be the company that leads the way to providing for a better life for our employees and their families.

We offer a variety of exciting restaurant/entertainment opportunities that we hope will expand and improve on your skills in an atmosphere that strives to be the best and offers

us the chance to expand and create more and more opportunities for the good people that work hand in hand with us.


The After Midnight Group offers a competitive compensation, benefits, and camaraderie in a open and inviting environment. We offer a variety of positions with opportunity for advancement. We pride ourselves in always trying to move people up from within our company first, and where experience in a position isn’t always required. We feel the best people for the job have the right attitude.

When you join our family, its our objective to make you feel welcome and appreciated for all you do. You are our biggest asset!

Thank you for considering joining our AMG family.

  • Altoona, WI"
    Hiring For All Positions - Email to apply
  • Otsego, MN"
    Line Cooks - Email Tonya to apply
  • Rochester, MN"
    Line Cooks - Email Angel to apply Restaurant Manager - Email Angel to apply
  • Fredericksburg, VA"
    Servers Hosts Bartenders Managers Email Samantha to apply
  • Various Locations
    Restaurant Managers - Email Meghan to apply
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