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Frequently Asked Questions

About author

Mikhail Yelizarov (Elizarov) LinkedIn profile:

Overe 25 years of relevant project-driven experience, including:

  • 3 years in Management Consulting
  • 20 years in Executive Search and Organizational Consulting
  • 2 years in large state organizations

Over 12 years in management and development of IT projects, including:

  • (2000-date) – the first Russian social network for professional managers, winner of RuNet awards
  • One2Locate (2004-2019) – forerunner of 4-talents, a world-class CRM solution for recruitment companies, proven successful case
Background in Engineering and Economics & Accounting.

Demo videos (long)

Work any time on any device from any place

  • Runs on any device connected to Internet:
  • Browser-based solution
  • Safe access from public devices, as no data is locally saved or cached
  • You can work from office, home, hotel or on a move
  • Get full functionality on any modern mobile device
  • Mobile App with most common features will be available
Truly mult-lingual Change language of BOTH interface and data:
  • Most of data is kept in reference-lists and can be filled in one language and read/edited in another
  • Only name-like data and notes are kept in the language they've been created
  • Notes can be translated via Google translator
  • 6 languages supported (English, French, German, Italian, Russian and Spanish), 20 more to be added
Ideal fit for international organizations anda great option to save on labor costs - only local language might be enough for lower positions. Multiple "faces" of the same data Each major Object (people, projects, organizations etc.) can be shown in a number of ways to fit your current task, workload, device, screen-size and personal style. Super-Flexi interface = User Rules!!! Select interface that fits best your role, task, device and style
  • Interface design is defined by user via a library of standard and customized templates
  • NO limitations are set for interface design & structure
  • Loads data fast and saves traffic & server capacity as system requests only data to be displayed
  • Zoom in/out & change colors to suite your eyesight
Great way of allowing users to access only role-relevant data and to avoid informative overload and eyesight damage. Create and share your own interface templates Templates can be managed by Admin, authorized user or any user (edition-sensitive feature):
  • Designing of templates is easy, quick, intuitive and free from risks of damaging the system and data
  • Only introductive video + practice are required to master
  • Any number of templates can be created and shared
  • Access rights to templates can be managed
Breath-taking feature for experienced and sophisticated users as well as great efficiency booster for tasks with intensive data-reviewing. Fall in love with those long tables Use features designed specifically for intensive manipulations with high volumes of data:
  • Use advanced Sort and Filter like in MS Excel
  • Hide/show, move around and adjust width of columns
  • Select columns to freeze as a "title"
  • Select columns to group & count data by values and to expand/collapse resulted groups
Instant and unlimited drilling through data Open individual profile for any Object from anywhere - in a flash and just with one click:
  • Lots of data are shown as clickable hyperlinks
  • Individual profiles can be opened in a default view or using a preferred template
  • Drilling-through is technically endless
Predictive typing We use reference lists wherever it's possible - they show matching records as you type:
  • Avoid creating duplicate records and losing data because of Type-O's and misspellings
  • Save your time and effort on data input
  • Stop querying for nothing, as if data is not listed, there is no point to search for it: f.e. if surname is not on the reference list, then there are no people with this surname in the database = you can save your time, efforts and nerves
Effective management of files and documents Quick assess and no duplicates:
  • Single document can have a collection of uploaded files
  • One document can be linked to other objects as needed
  • Most common types of files can be used: Text, e-tables and presentation files; Image files like jpeg, png, tif etc.; Adobe PDF files; Audio and video files in popular formats
Integration with email and calendar Send e-mails and manage your external calendar:
  • Create events in your calendar or in calendars of other users (their authorization is required)
  • Send e-mails to one or multiple recipients from the system, using available contact details
  • Use option to create an event record for an e-mail sent
  • Select if an event should be synchronized with your main external calendar or stay only within the system
  • Exchange & synchronize data between your external calendar and the system as required
Advantages of the multi-window design Multiple tabs and windows are supported, including cross-window actions:
  • All Tabs & Windows use individual sessions and can be configured independently, including their Skins
  • All displayed data is synchronized automatically
  • Keep your interface clear and readable
  • Open records for quick review or editing in new tabs
  • Group and arrange tabs in windows to manage workload
  • Use Drug-Drop within/ between windows to save efforts
Variable skins Change interface colors to match your personal style, mood, time of the day, intensity of light, eyesight and colors around you or even on you

Demo videos (short)

In production, coming soon...

Addressed complains from the global community of recruiters

Most mentioned features (in alphabetical order) Supported by us

  1. Advanced Customization
  2. Advanced Reports Analytics
  3. Advanced Workflow Management
  4. Assignment Rules
  5. Attachment Permissions
  6. Branded Resume
  7. Candidate Management
  8. Candidate Review Forms
  9. Client & Contact Management
  10. Data Sharing Rules
  11. Document Library
  12. Email Management
  13. Google Calendar
  14. Interview Feedback Forms
  15. Interview Scheduling
  16. Mass Email
  17. Multiple Currencies
  18. Resume Parsing
  19. Standard Reports and Dashboards
  20. Territory Management
  21. Web Tabs
  22. Workflow Management
We consider to support
  1. Auto Responders
  2. Candidate Login
  3. Career Website
  4. Job Posting Management
  5. Premium Job Boards
  6. Pre-Screening Assessments
  7. SMS & PhoneBridge Integration
  8. Social Integration
Issues we ARE addressing (in alphabetical order)
  1. "Notes" tool for easily engaging in conversations.
  2. A pain to require people who come back every summer to remember their login name and password and re-do the current years’ paperwork. They end up making a new profile which makes it even more confusing for us.
  3. A status next to applicants’ names that show when a message has been sent.
  4. A user cannot have 2 managers. In our organization people have multiple managers so we have to split them up.
  5. Ability to add components due to expansion and other future needs.
  6. Ability to archive: don't want to see all those folks who don't even meet the minimum qualifications for the role. Project related as well.
  7. Ability to communicate with candidates right from RB, configure templates to send responses like rejection letters etc.
  8. Ability to connect to O365 helps tremendously.
  9. Ability to create email groups to make it easy to send an email to your team.
  10. Ability to create email templates for recruiting.
  11. Ability to easily see when candidates have been sent a message.
  12. Ability to export with first and last names separate for easier alphabetizing.
  13. Ability to generate statistics for a recruiter at each stage.
  14. Ability to have a chat function where employees can talk to each other in real time. This would cut down on the amount of emails sent throughout the day.
  15. Ability to keep a record of the positions that are deleted.
  16. Ability to keep track of a multitude of applicants with the availability of Note-Taking which you can easily review just by hovering over "notes" without having to open the file.
  17. Ability to keep track of all the conversations through the system.
  18. Ability to log-out of your profile or else, others will have access to your credentials and personal information.
  19. Ability to move candidates to another role (Change from Project Manager to Project Analyst, for example).
  20. Ability to open a candidate in a separate tab while keeping your search list open.
  21. Ability to parse attached CVs and extract information about applicant, skills experience etc. This makes CVs searchable by these texts.
  22. Ability to print resumes from the review screen, without going to the document.
  23. Ability to pull metrics on a lot of different details in your organization.
  24. Ability to schedule emails to be sent.
  25. Ability to search ATS by phone number.
  26. Ability to search jobs and candidates in conjunction.
  27. Ability to select a default view.
  28. Ability to set high priority jobs so they pop up to the top of your list.
  29. Ability to simply archive a candidates file with a dropdown or button allows me to keep by candidate list clean.
  30. Ability to sync with Google Calendar and create appointments for interviews.
  31. Ability to word search through cover letter text.
  32. An option to quickly insert a signature line when writing an email to a candidate.
  33. An SQL data dump.
  34. Batch printing.
  35. Calendar & email syncing.
  36. Can be hard to locate applicants without correct spelling and it times out to quickly.
  37. Candidate/feedback visibility control.
  38. Cannot use it to source candidates from; e.g. you cannot do a keyword search to locate candidates with a specific skill set within it. IMO, this is major and now we are in the process of getting rid of it.
  39. Changes to Workflow templates, stages, and disposition reasons cannot easily be cloned across all of them at once, meaning you need to edit many different templates individually.
  40. Do not like when I have sorted my applicants by Job Title and go away from that screen and then return, they have defaulted back to the date default.
  41. Doesn't feel like you have candidates database, it feels like after many years of using it we have just a bunch of CVs, not people. If the same person will submit CV three times - you will have three entries in RB, there's no way to combine them, it is not shown as 1 candidate -> 3 applications. I think this is the biggest minus of this software, it is not people-centric but more like "applications-centric".
  42. Don't like that if I sort applicants under 'consider' (for example), I can't go back and still be looking at 'consider' applicants; it just brings me back to all applicants, so I have to resort by 'consider' every time. This is the same for if you sort by any stage in the hiring process. Quite annoying.
  43. Each applicant needs a status but it would be more convenient if you could mark multiple candidates at once but they not stay marked once done.
  44. Feature "letter templates" helps to cut-down the response time.
  45. Graphic dashboard option should be customizable.
  46. I want to keep track of all the conversations through the system.
  47. I wish it were easier to move through the screens without having to fill in information that does not seem important but is nevertheless required.
  48. If people out of the area or out of the country apply for the position, we are recruiting for could be flagged as ineligible.
  49. Improvements to the mobile app would be nice as it lacks the many features that would benefit the employee.
  50. Integration of two separate locations under the same accounts.
  51. Internal support for matching candidates based on town without ZIP code with a search for a specific ZIP.
  52. It should include an expensing platform.
  53. It would be great if a coworker could use the links and email templates I configured.
  54. It would be nice to attach employee reviews, succession planning and company training which is available to all employees.
  55. It would be very helpful if there were an option to select multiple candidates to forward on to a hiring manager
  56. It's hard to keep track of all the hires and to move them into specific categories if you want to be organized.
  57. Knock-out questions/answers to alert us at a glance if the candidate lacks education or relevant work experience, etc..
  58. Linking to external systems.
  59. Manually adding applicants is more difficult than it should be. There is no resume-parser that other software systems have that pulls text from a resume, LinkedIn profile, Etc. As a result, manual entry takes some time and isn't perfect.
  60. Many different screens to toggle through.
  61. Modifications of the system for small to medium sized businesses that are need of simpler functions.
  62. More convenient if you could mark multiple candidates at once.
  63. Needs strong security when you allow access to external users, power calendar and reminder system, marketing campaigns etc.
  64. Needs the ability to go back and correct mistakes in reports.
  65. Not being able to go 'Back' without having to re-expand the various collapsed component listings.
  66. One location to house all job postings and applicants. Reduces significant time spent on emails and meetings. We (hiring managers) can quickly review an applicant’s resume and answers to additional questions. Then immediately ask for an interview to be set up by a simple drop down list.
  67. Option to type in a first or last name and see the names related to it in case I didn't spell it correctly.
  68. Parallel recruiting tracks, EasyBook sharing, etc.
  69. Report should have hyperlinks to the candidate's profile or job so I can work off of the report.
  70. Resume parsing to create detailed candidate profiles.
  71. Searches are difficult as it doesn't always go back to the search page when you click on a candidate sometimes it will make me restart the search all over again
  72. Set of report templates for dumb and lazy.
  73. Should be a notification pop up system instead of mail which I think would be more interesting.
  74. Should be able to merge search results. (if I use a person search based on a recruiter workflow criteria, I get too many duplicates with recruiting search), more flexible any/all search conditions, easier to search recruiting workflow history, safe merging person profiles
  75. Should have a Time & Attendance feature.
  76. Should have background checks, assessments and have the video library keeping the process seamless and smooth.
  77. Should have more freedom to set up privileges per user.
  78. Should have performance management module with reports to "manage" "performance".
  79. Slow load times.
  80. Some of the feature are standard and cannot be edited. For example: Job Type (ie. Full Time, Part Time)
  81. Star rating system. The ability to remove a star from an applicant.
  82. The accompanying "how to videos" are long. It would be great if they were in bite-size chunks.
  83. The communication via email should be customized. Features like notifications and email blasts included.
  84. The duplicate candidates. Wish there was a way to keep the same candidate from applying for the same job at the same company.
  85. The functionality around skills and certifications is not as strong as it could be.
  86. The number of clicks for needs to be simplified.
  87. The opportunity to download a comparison chart of all or certain candidates to quickly compare apples to apples side by side.
  88. The search capabilities should be easy to understand.
  89. There doesn't seem to be any intelligence contributing to the output. As a hiring manager, I'd get resume's that met none of my criteria, but did contain certain keywords in a completely unrelated context.
  90. Tips sheets.
  91. Visual dashboard with charts and graphs.
  92. We wish the "Department" field showed a drop-down of currently used departments. This would prevent jobs for the same department being created with varying spellings or department titles.
  93. Would like to be able to move a candidate to another job and be able to CARRY all the interviews from prior job over with them. Sometimes, I am interviewing a candidate and in the middle of the interview, we realize they might be better suited for another position we have open. I then have to add them to the other job and start a new interview all over again. Would be nice under the candidate’s profile if on the dropdown menu, where it says "add job" there could also be a "move to job" function basically.
Issues we CONSIDER to address later (in alphabetical order)
  1. A simple notification saying "Joe Smith has completed their tasks", would be awesome!
  2. A way to track changes for example, when a hiring team member rates a candidate, I would like to see who made the rating and have the ability for all team members to rate the candidate (referring to the star rating system).
  3. Ability for the hiring process to link to the payroll system. This way the full life cycle of the candidate to employee is housed in one spot.
  4. Ability to allow you to track where you are advertising your position – and allows for the social media posting as well.
  5. Ability to be notified via email when qualified candidates apply (but you can turn this feature off and just check the system periodically if you like) instead of dozens of individual applicants flooding the inbox.
  6. Ability to combine metrics for multiple postings (for example, we will often post a position several times before it is filled. It would be great to select multiple postings and then have it combine total applicants, total screened, total interviewed, etc. for purposes of reporting)
  7. Ability to create and send forms for an electronic signature through the HelloSign integration.
  8. Ability to create my own career portal and get it up and running almost completely by myself (with some guidance from Customer Service).
  9. Ability to determine exactly where the candidate is applying from, ie Indeed, Facebook, Google ads etc.
  10. Ability to mask applicant names to the hiring managers. We live in a small place and while we do our best to ensure non-discriminatory hiring, it's really difficult when everyone knows someone who knows someone.
  11. Ability to post a job to a major job board that we have an account with.
  12. Ability to use the hot keys to hyperlink something in a nurture message.
  13. Ability to view and/or manage the email subscribers for job posting updates, and give subscribers an option for frequency of job notifications (and maybe by job type they're interested in, like sorted by team?).
  14. Ability with one click to send job out to multiple areas.
  15. Candidate notes/comments/discussion cannot be seen across different jobs or even instances of jobs.
  16. Can't search ATS by phone number.
  17. Compensation area would be nice to have to capture data for future hiring.
  18. Connectivity to other Learning & Development/ Project Management systems.
  19. Feature that now allows an internal job listing to be switch to both internal and external on a specified date.
  20. Having a checklist to ensure only the highest standards of behaviour from users.
  21. Having an auto decline function that can be set up by the user.
  22. Having job questions in a check list style so we can add to the job posting as needed.
  23. Having Screening services that you can order and get the results directly from the applicant's screen.
  24. It properly highlights applicants who might have applied for a job with us before, basing it off name, phone, and email address. No more ctrl+f and a giant spreadsheet.
  25. It would be nice if the software interacted with WhatsApp.
  26. Like all stand-alone HR products, it stinks that you need multiple software platforms in order to solve all of your HR needs.
  27. More assessment quizzes, capability for knock-out questions and screening.
  28. More integrations with other vendors such as behavioural profiles.
  29. Needs tracking tools for self-sourcing recruiters to easily track self-sourcing activities, such as calls, emails, texts, etc.
  30. The ability of the applicant to log in and check the status of their application.
  31. The disqualifying application.
  32. Would be great if they could include a feature to view the "last viewed candidates," or "last viewed requisitions." It would help speed things up when trying to move quickly between multiple candidates and requisitions.